Hi, welcome to the Mystic HTTP server's Wireless networking Index.

This server is part of the WaFreeNet

Wireless networking Information:

This service provided because I'm feeling nice. Drop an email my way if you want full internet access, and I'll create you a ssh or openvpn account.

IP range:
DHCP Server: Present (set your IP to automatic)
Limited Internet http proxy available on: proxy.mystic.wafn:8083 (
This proxy is also available transparently using the above gateway.
(all traffic logged, including MAC address, in an attempt to provide some (small) protection for me - so use SSL or some other encryption if concerned about privacy. This free service must not be used for questionable activities.)
Other services are available on request.
Please visit http://www.wafreenet.org for more information about this access point and WaFreeNet in general.


20110803: Too lazy to update this, please take a look at http://www.wafn
20090520: Linked to Dericote tower and "Mitchland"
20090420: Moved house to Beldon.
20050215: Well that was nice while it lasted... Upstream Freenet link severed..
20050209: Routing to/from wafreenet and DNS for .mystic.wafn operational..
20050204: Got allocated a 10.60 subnet from the wafreenet IP czar, implemented...
20050120: Finally linked to the wafreenet.
20041220: Added ntp time server (port 123) to available services
20041004: Changed domain name from robhome.net to robhome
20040927: Upgraded antenna - more people should be able to see this now..

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